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(pronounced 'litt-war')

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Currently handcrafted in London, UK by me with the help of British leather artisans.  Each bracelet is hand cut, buffed, polished and edge painted.  


It uses only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather.  Then it is stamped with the word Lovedesh Army ready for sale.


The aim of the bracelet is to change how we see developing nations.  In a way that is fun and celebratory.  But more seriously to smash stigma and to help support an artisan workshop in Bangladesh, to train and support Bangladesh textile workers, weavers, child labourers and seamstresses.  Then as more get sold - to support more artisan workshops.  


The original idea was to have the Lovedesh Army bracelet made in Bangladesh.  But production is not possible for me (read my FAQs). I researched and attempted to have this item made out there but there were timing and quality issues due to the low quality tools available.  It was decided to keep production British based and in London, my hometown.  Once funds are raised via the campaign, the option to make the bracelet in a developing nation, will be revisited.   Seen in the photo below is the team from 2013 who were gathered to help me research launch ideas and a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which back then I was very naive about, knew nobody and ultimately - failed at first time round!  






Bespoke or corporate branded options are also available.  Please contact [email protected]


The Handcrafted Lovedesh Army Bracelet (made in London).