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Let's Travel The"Tragic World"


(pronounced 'litt-war')

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If  a rule is not on here - common sense prevails.


#LTTTW campaign funded by Yasmin via Lovedesh, a British social enterprise  and philanthropic brand to change how we, the whole world, see and experience people from war-torn and impoverished nations and regions. Before all the poverty, famine, war and natural disasters, this campaign helps you learn about their stunning destinations and the rich cultural legacies - sorely lacking in a modern world.


The  Go Fund Me page is a crowdfunding idea undertaken by Lovedesh to support Yasmin's work and Amcariza Foundation.  

This is not the usual army. We only use weapons of love, peace & joy.  

Not at all religiously or politically affiliated.  Open to all.

Not into posturing  but in mobilising. To start making a difference.

Using 'third world' phrase not meant to denigrate.  

Don't want to visit 'third world'? - Cool - go pick another way to connect: simply read, cook, listen and be inspired or show your love for 'Third world'?

Whingers or critics - if you got a better idea? Way to go.  Now go do it?

Troll  us we ignore you  - aka angry w/out cause, no view, hurls insults, fed on propoganda.

Sure you can share, like, tweet #LTTTW - hit us.  We are waiting.  


All of this site is currently managed and solo self-funded by Yasmin C.  Serious.  


Any nice m/billionaire philanthropists reading? Do get in touch?





“If you obey all the rules,

you miss all the fun."

Hollywood actress Katherine Hepburn (RIP)

Origami Crane Barbers pole Peaceful and relaxing woman Woman receiving manicure, nail polish is applied, close-up Kitten in wallpaper tube


Obviously do not travel where war/danger is happening.

Don't travel unless your foreign offiee approves.

Be happy and nice.

Love <3  for all.  No hate.

Don't be a douchebag.  Or troll.  Tis dull.  And wastes time.


Activities we undertake when we spot trolls are origami, haircut, napping to music, manicure, kittens & DIY.

You want to sponsor, give prizes away, help or contribute? Cool.

EM [email protected] or [email protected]