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#LTTTW crowdfund campaign


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Don't fancy #LTTTW, donating or doing a #selfie?  

There is no lecture here.  Or need to do anything.  Absolutely fine.  There is no obligation on you to have to donate.  Or agree with the idea.   Just watching the film is enough.


A reminder.  We are not asking you to have to physically travel the 'Third World. #LTTTW simply asks everyone to  simply find out more positive stuff than what we normally hear by reading, tasting or learning about one of the #LTTTW countries of your choice:  the land, the folks and their cultures.  The how, when and which is your choice.  Your call.








Donate.  Share. Nominate.

> 1. Study our #LTTTW page here to choose the country or region  you promise to experience (or even one day, to travel to), to help support the campaign.


> 2. Think how you can creatively add that name of that nation or region into a #Selfie. Here is an example for yoga lovers. Get a post-it note.  Add the nation/region to your yoga mat. Then show us your best pose.* Maybe you love vegging on the sofa with pizza - before you eat the pizza, spell out your nation with tomato kethcup.  Geddit? Ready?


* Please be safe.  We do not take liability for dangerous or unsafe ideas.


> 4.  Upload your creative #LTTTW #Selfie or a #clip to Twitter, Instagram, Facbeook, Tumbler, Pinterest and try to nominate three people you know well, who will be up for the cause and enjoy taking part.  Here's how we suggest it is best done, were you to pick say 'Chad' and upload a creative selfie (and of course knew these people):


> 5. Visit my Go Fund me campaign site where you can donate as little as £10 to help fund an artisan workshop in London or aim higher - and reserve the Lovedesh Army bracelt in advance


'My #LTTTW  #Selfie is Me4#Chad. I nominate Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Jim from next door."


> 6. Tweet out the phrase :


I got lit and took the  #LTTTW challenge via @LovedeshScout - will u?

#Me4Ethiopia @xxx @xxx


Remember.  When you donate or reserve a Lovedesh Army bracelet, you also:


- have a stylish accessory that let the world know of your support for #LTTTW campaign.


- feel good - by helping us spread the campaign message to the rest of the world and  give jobs to those in need in the UK & abroad.


> 7. Go visit the Lovedesh website and shop if you want to do more.  There you can learn more about the boutique curated travel being led by Lovedesh Scouts to developing nations and the food, travel and design experiences founder Yasmin C has scouted out - all of which can be accessed without leaving the UK.  


By the way. For any pathetic trolls who wish to share scary, offensive, racist remarks or images -> it is an instant delete


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