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#LTTTW (Let's Travel The Tragic World') is a funding campaign dreamt up by me, Yasmin Choudhury,  an ordinary London born and bred British woman.  I am the founder of Lovedesh and Amcariza Foundation. I invented the #LTTTW hashtag to peacefully and lovingly remind the world there is more to the 900 million folks from the lands currently in conflict, war-torn or in an 'impoverished' status.  Often these are colloquially called 'Third World' and in my opinion - unfairly stigmatised.  They are luxury destinations of talented folks.


I became more saddened by the  global  'New World Disorder' of Summer 2014 (Syria, Gaza, Ukraine, Ebola). These tragedies were the catalyst that helped fast forward my idea for folks across the world to join a new 'army'. The Lovedesh Army aim is to deliver #LTTTW -  a promise to change how we all see and experience the 'Tragic World'.  To ask buy the bracelet as promise to one day travel out there .  




“You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”

Mahatma Gandhi

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* Netiher I, #LTTTW, Lovedesh support or encourage you to travel to  a war torn or unstable nations. You must always check your local nation's foreign office for advice and even then - with the help of a well known travel brand.


If you want to accompany Yasmin on her boutique tours to developing nations powered by some of the best tour operators , visit or email [email protected]

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The #LTTTW campaign is powered by Lovedesh, a British social enterprise  and philanthropic organisation I created  and fund entirely alone.  Why?  To stop the hate --> And fuel love.  To smash stigma --> And break down racist or igniorant  barriers.  To love and smile our thanks to folks in far away lands that we rarely meet or hear about in good terms.  In positive and celebrtatory ways which gives ordinary folks chance to learn more and put pennies into the pockets of locals to seed fund sustainable lives.  


My Lovedesh Army bracelet will raise funds for Amcariza Foundation, a niche UK  charity run by me and my small team of volunteers from a kitchen table that seed funds folks in Third World via FFABB - who return their thanks via a community free gesture under the charity's FFABB (Find & Fund A Body/Business) grant project.  The charity was set up in memory of my  late beloved father late Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury seen here in a photo wth me as a young girl.  




Abba & Me Trafalgar Square

Much of it relates to me never listening to my old dad.   To find out more, listen to my radio interview broadcast in July 2014 for Deutsche Welle global programme World Link here.  


From innocent kids and adults killed in Gaza, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, to impoverished folks in Bangladesh, Sudan, Rwanda, Ethiopia.  #LTTTW asks you to join The Lovedesh Army.  To donate to the campaign. To experience the 'Third World'*.  Even if you are not ready to leave home just yet - browse, fund, buy, read?  All I now ask you is: which country will you choose?





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