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Behind The Scenes In 2013

Right now Yasmin is too traumatised trying to single handedly complete and  write about the behind the scenes.  But good news is the campaign is happening.  


Coming soon.  A making of the #LTTTW film will be added here.  The highs, the lows, the fun and more about the British folks and the global international random volunteers who were roped in, to help make the film happen.  


And of course the individuals, the big brands and companies who chose not to offer Yasmin their support on this.  Juicy stuff.....


Special thanks in the making of the #LTTTW film:


Asad Ahmed and Snooty Mehmaan restaurant, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, UK

Eddie Williams, Trustee at Folly Tower, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, UK  

Get Cycling, UK

Jody Mason, mother to Harry Day

James Arthur Gimble, WW2 veteran

John Petrides and Norbury Car Garage, London  +44 208 679 6233

Nigel Planer, the actor, producer and writer



Roll call of volunteers who helped Yasmin:


Volunteers of past Lovedesh projects

Aminah Jagne @aminajagne, Volunteer

Nabil Asif @quixoticr3bel, Web

Jushna Begum, production & art manager  

Valentina Syed, make up @valentinasyed

Tendai Pottinger, photographer, @tendaipottinger

Luke Johnson, photographer  @lukeassistant

Laura Harris Stewart

Natalie Lamb

Nursel Yas

Rocky Mahmud @rkdaboss

Rahin Ahmed

Jushna Begum And Family

Zoe Perrett















Watermark YC Staff DSCF1720 DSCF1723 20. photoshoot making of Handcrafting

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"Hi, my name is Yang and just completed studying at University Of Arts London pursuing MA Motion Graphic Moving Image. As a creative artist, I am always seeking to use motion graphic emotionally to change people’s opinions and behaviors in a positive way. For instance, my final project is about sentimentally encouraging people change their daily life style to protect air environment. I was excited to work on my first commercial campaign hacing been chosen by Yasmin, the founder. As the film would utilisie my skll set.   The wrok being done by Lovedesh resonates for me, in how it is changing people’s view in a positive way. That is the one of the motivations of doing this project. Looking back at the whole journey of this film, I discovered so much as a postgraduate filmaker. The biggest learning point is my communication skill improved dramatically. In addition, I learnt how to collaborate with other people and the meaning of branding. All in all, I really appreciated that I can be involved in this campaign. Hopefully, more and more people will make a pledge, travel to the 'third world' and change the view of 900 mllion peoples."