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THE MUSICAL SCORE - why they helped #LTTTW

Motherland by RUN CT (FB Page is here)


"What's up? I'm a Hip-Hop producer from the U.S, RunC.T.  


and I have a big passion for music and the old school. aside from my hip-hop roots I'm a record collecting junkie. I listen to EVERYTHING!! and I like collecting vintage items from way back in the day. I also play piano and learning guitar.


I've been making hip-hop music for about 4 years now.I make music because it opens up my mind as well as others. It also inspires and evelopes minds with

emotional vibes which I find really interesting. I love making hip-hop because it's

the only genre of it's kind. you can rap/sing/ flow poetry about anything you set

your mind to, and it's a true reflection of the mind.


I offered my music to the hard-working Yasmin and her Lovedesh organisation because they also set to inspire and make a change in this world, and when people with similar goals come together the end product is much stronger. it gives courage to people who also have a voice to inspire and rise up.hopefully this combo of inspiration can help people to help others and in turn spark a fire of inspiration throughout the world."

RunC.T. Khiyo Hi Res Image cropped

Amar Shonar Bangla by KHIYO (FB Page is here)


Khiyo are currently busy doing live gigs. But soon band members Oliver Weeks and lead singer Sohini Alam will be sending a few words to explain why they decided to donate the traditional song they re-arranged for #LTTTW called Amar Shonar Bangla, which means 'my golden Bangla'. First written  by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore whose lyrics went on to become the national anthem of Bangladesh.


The band is named Khiyo after a letter of the Bengali alphabet. It is a unique letter that, whilst being a combination of two letters, has an identity of its own. Similarly, though the band members have backgrounds that include Western classical, rock, jazz, blues, Nazrul Sangeet, Bengali folk and Indian classical, the amalgamation of the whole has a singularly identifiable sound.