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When all else fails, why not celebrate and use love to conquer hatred. Light expels dark. Love obliterates hate.  Sorted.


Who are you? You are someone's mother, father, daughter, sister, lover, friend.  Or a child.


Someone like me, who has had enough of reading the shocking headlines. You know you have a good heart. A kind soul.  And despite trying to make your government or the leaders listen or hear your concerns - you hate the world the way it is.  Like me,

you dislike seeing people being opressed because of who they are. Killed. Hurt. Bombed. Ripped off.  Oppressed. Living on scant wages.


You do not know what to do about it. You want to do good. And leave feeling great about it. So do I.  


My suggestion is to connect with the folks and cultures in one of the most stigmatised nations and war-torn regions that you may never have come across.  The ones people call 'shit-holes'.  With one mission.  To either holiday. Then bring back your stories to share with the world.  Or if it is unsafe to travel, to show your support and change your experience by learning more.


Once you do. slowly humanity could get better - would it not?


#LTTTW Army is for you because like me,  you refuse to allow them to linger as just negative headlines.


Once you join the #LTTTW Army - choose the change you want to be.  Please donate or support me here.  



“Amor Vincit Ominia"

Love Conquers All”

Geoffrey Chaucer - Canterbury Tales

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